1. Goyal & Co

Goyal and Co. was established in the year of 1970. The Company has been excelling in designing, developing and delivering the desired residential and commercial properties for its clients. Goyal and Co. have successfully developed real estate project in various cities of India such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai and many more. Just to name a few residential projects in Ahmedabad here is the shortlist of its projects

  • Sky City
  • Orchid Pride
  • Aakash Residency I & II
  • Orchid Paradise
  • Orchid Greenfields

2. Gala Infrastructure

Gala Group has been developing few of the most acclaimed and appreciated Real Estate Projects in Ahmedabad and other cities of India. Gala group has developed few of the landmark projects such as

  • Gala Marvella
  • Gala Celestia
  • Gala Eternia
  • Gala Swing
  • Gala Heaven
  • SOBO Center
  • Gala Aria

3. Pacifica Company

Pacifica Group of Companies is one of the very few international Real Estate Companies having its operations in Ahmedabad. The projects developed by Pacifica group of companies are world renowned, acclaimed and awarded. The successful projects developed by this world class developer in Ahmedabad includes the following

  • Pacifica Reflections
  • Pacifica The Meadows
  • Pacifica West Ridge
  • Pacifica North Enclave

4. Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties ltd established in 1990 is the part of one of the most diversified conglomerates Godrej Industries Ltd. GPL has its operations at Pan India level with various real estate projects. Godrej has its flagship township named as Godrej Garden City in Ahmedabad. Here is the shortlist of residential and commercial properties developed by Godrej Properties Ltd particularly in Ahmedabad.

  • Godrej EDEN
  • Godrej Carmal
  • Godrej Pinecrest
  • Godrej Green Glades
  • Godrej Vrundavan
  • Godrej Tivoli
  • Godrej Belweder
  • Godrej Orchard

5. RajYash Group

Rajyash Group is recommended and recognized as the real estate company that provide world class architecture, best designed structures, quality and creative construction. Rajyash group has constructed and delivered few highly appreciated projects such as

  • Rajyash Rains
  • Rajyash Reyansh
  • Rajyash Reeva
  • Stanza and many more

6. Saanvi Nirman

Saanvi Nirman is the one of the few real estate companies that has established its significance in delivering the most desired real estate residential projects in both affordable and affluent section such as

  • Sky One
  • Sky Deck
  • Saanvi Nirman Stella
  • Saanvi Nirman Celesta

7. Adani Shantigram

Adani Realty is one of the leading Real Estate companies having successful projects in various cities such as Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Gurugram and many more. Adani Realty has developed the largest township in Ahmedabad. Here the inclusive list of few of the projects developed by Adani Realty.

  • Adani The Meadows
  • Adani Aangan
  • Adani Elysium
  • Adani North Park
  • Adani Waterlilly
  • Adani La Marina
  • Adani Prathan

8. H N Safal

H N Safal has been one of the leading Real Estate companies in ahmedabad. Since its incorporation in 2001, H N Safal has created many landmark building such as

  • Suyog
  • Saket
  • Safar Parivesh
  • Safar Parivesh
  • Orchid Harmony & many more

9. Yash Realty

Yash Group has been delivering the quality real estate projects both in the residential and commercial segment in Ahmedabad and outside. Here is the comprehensive list of the successful projects of Yash group

  • Yash Arian
  • Yash Pinnacle
  • Yash Aqua
  • Shivalik yash
  • Y S L Avenue

10. Siddharth Group

Siddharth Group has designed and developed few of the most successful and appreciated residential projects in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar such as

  • Siddharth Skyz
  • Siddharth Icon
  • Siddharth Heaven
  • SIddharth Luxuria

11. Kavish Group

Kavisha Group is well known for its highly desired, well designed and reasonably priced Residential real estate projects such as group

  • Kavisha Panorama
  • Kavisha Urbania
  • Kavisha Celebration
  • Pebble Bay Phase 2 and many more

12. A Shridhar

A Shridhar has been designing, developing and delivering highly recognized and recommended residential real estate projects in ahmedabad. Here is the list of few of the successful residential projects by A Shridhar

  • Kaveri Soham
  • Kaveri Trisara
  • Kaveri Kadamb
  • Kaveri Pratham
  • Kaveri Sangam

13. Sun Builder

Sun Builders is considered as one of the pioneer real estate developers of ahmedabad. Sun has its niche in delivering both high end and affordable residential and commercial properties such as group

  • Sun West Bank
  • Sun South Winds
  • Orbit
  • Sun Centrum
  • Sun South Park and many more

14. Ratnakar Builder

Ratnaakar is a part of the Nishant Group operating in the luxurious and high end residential and commercial real estate projects. Let’s have a look at few of the elite projects developed by Ratnaakar.

  • Ratnaakar Atelier
  • Ratnaakar Beaumonde
  • Regency Park
  • Avanti Bunglows
  • Rosewood Estate and many more

15. Shital Infrastructure

Sheetal Infrastructure is considered as one of the leading real estate developers operating in Ahmedabad. Sheetal Infrastructure has developed one of the finest residential and commercial projects such as

  • Imperia
  • West Park
  • Enigma
  • Aqua
  • Casa Vyoma

16. AAA Realty

AAA Realty is one of the leading infrastructure and real estate developers of Ahmedabad. AAA realty is coming up with its high end commercial projects Anam 1. AAA Realty.

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